About us

Who We Are:

ARK Energy Finance (AEF) is a financial services company comprised of seasoned finance professionals

with broad capital markets experience.

What We Provide:

AEF strives to provide comprehensive and creative solutions in the areas of renewable energy systems, energy efficient equipment, and water management. We provide a turnkey approach. Together with our strategic alliances with industry leading manufacturers, distributors, system designers, project managers and contractors, coupled with our financial products, commercial property owners and businesses can experience the maximum benefits while minimizing their own time and effort.

Why Us:

We believe in helping clean energy become a reality. We also believe conservation of our most precious natural resources is a necessity. By leveraging off our decades of financing experience, we can help achieve these goals in a manner that makes sound economic sense for your business. Our value proposition includes one-hundred percent financing, a quick and simple process, and creative solutions.

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Industry Focus

Solar / Photovoltaics (PV) : Some of the most well-run and efficient companies are turning to solar energy to stay ahead. Owners, developers, and users of real estate are making significant investments in solar to cut energy costs. As the cost of solar/PV systems decline and technology advances, we see the adoption of customized financing as a means to reduce up-front costs and dramatically cut ongoing energy expenditures.

Other Renewable Energy Technologies : Other forms of renewable power such as wind, hydropower, geothermal, and biofuels provide another source of energy generation.

Energy Related Technologies : By leveraging diverse technologies such as LED lighting, advanced power storage systems, with new and efficient financing strategies, real estate owners and users can reduce utility costs over the next decade with little to no capital expenditure and realize lower operating/maintenance costs.

Energy Efficiency : Depending on the extent of energy retrofits, the energy savings to commercial property owners and businesses can be immediate and significant.

Water Conservation : AEF has forged strategic alliances with leading U.S. and International water management/technology companies to provide turnkey solutions to provide immediate reductions in utility costs.

Our Financial Products

AEF can provide financing for solar PV systems, energy efficient lighting retrofits, and water management equipment. We also finance energy efficient equipment such as green HVAC systems, generators, inverters, and other technologies that reduce energy costs. Collectively, these systems, retrofits, equipment and technologies are known as ‘Energy Saving Measures’ or ESM.

Capital Leases: With a capital lease, as with a cash purchase or loan, the Client is treated as the owner of the ESM and receives the benefits of ownership: utility rebates and tax incentives while paying nothing down with 100% financing of the entire project cost. At the end of the lease term, the Client owns the ESM.

Operating Leases: With an operating lease the Client has the right to use the ESM for a limited time in exchange for rental payments. Typically, an operating lease carries a lower monthly payment (compared to a capital lease), and is generally viewed as off-balance sheet financing. At the end of the lease term, the Client has the option to purchase the ESM at Fair Market Value.

Power Purchase Agreements (PPA): A structure used in conjunction with the production of renewable energy such as a solar PV system. As with an operating lease, the Client under a PPA does not own the system. Rather, the Client only purchases electricity generated from the system (which is owned by a third party), typically at a rate lower than what they would be paying a utility company. The system is maintained by the system owner who has an incentive to maintain the system at peak efficiency.

Energy Services Agreement (ESA): An off-balance sheet financing structure; whereby the Client has no upfront costs, but benefits in the utility savings (produced by the ESM), and in return shares a portion of those savings with the owner of the system. After a pre-determined term, the Client has the option of buying the system at fair market value.

Structured Finance: We can provide Clients with ‘tailored’ solutions that best suit their energy financing needs.

Our Clients

Commercial real estate owners and developers

Hotel Companies




Commercial real estate asset managers and property managers

Architects and engineers

General contractors and sub-contractors

Energy audit and consulting firms

Renewable energy project managers and developers

Businesses that utilize renewable and energy saving equipment

Manufacturers and distributors of energy saving and water conservation equipment

Case Studies


Health Club Facility
Scope: PV Solar and LED Lighting equipment
Total Cost: $300,000
Monthly Payment: $4,100
Operating Lease: 7 years
Payback Period: 6 years

University Auditorium in Southern California
Scope: Installation of PV Solar System.
Goal: Provide clean renewable energy and reduce electricity costs
Installation Size: 110 kilowatts
Total Power Produced: 15% of total requirement
Payback period: 2 years

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Multifamily Property in Northeast
Scope: Replacement of existing oil-based central heating system with new gas boiler plus
equipment required to complete retrofit
Application Process: 8 days from application submittal to closing
Installation: 3 weeks
Total Cost: $327,000.
Monthly Payment: $5,836
Operating Lease Period: 5 years
Savings: Greater than monthly payment

10-Story Condo Building in Southeast
Scope: LED Lighting System (interior and exterior), HVAC, Energy Efficient Roofs,
Re-piping of two buildings, Heating Boilers, Dryer Demand Venting System,
Condenser Water Pump System, Pool Heaters
Total Cost: $2,050,000
Monthly Payment: $32,500
Operating Lease Period: 7 years
Savings: Greater than monthly payment

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One-hundred Storage Facilities Located Throughout the U.S.
Scope: Reduce energy consumption and operating costs, while maintaining adequate lighting levels
Savings: $1.5 million in first year following installation
Energy Reduction: 40%
Payback Period: 2 Years

Multiple Franchise Restaurants
Scope: Reduce energy consumption and operating costs,
of storage facilities while maintaining adequate lighting
Savings: 80% savings in annual operating costs, equating to $50,000 per restaurant
Energy Reduction: 75%
Payback Period: 1 year

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Hospital Facility
Scope: Retrofit all internal parts for tank toilets, flushometers, sinks, showers.
Also changed out single pass cooling units in the kitchen area
Savings: 34% reduction in water usage, and 8% reduction in thermal cost
Total Cost: $104,800
Payback: 1.86 years
Operating lease: 3 year term
Savings: Greater than monthly payment

University Dormitory
Scope: Retrofit all internal parts for tank toilets, flushometers,
sinks, showers in a 367 unit dormitory
Installation: 2 weeks
Savings: 32% reduction in water usage, and 13% reduction in thermal cost
Total Cost: $73,800
Payback: 2.6 years
Operating lease: 4 year term
Savings: Greater than monthly payment

Multifamily Property Portfolio in Midwest: Retrofit

Scope: Replacement of all internal parts in sinks, showers and tank toilets.
Then customize flow for all individual apartment units and common areas in 35 buildings.
Installation: 4 weeks
Savings: 46% reduction in water usage, and 14% reduction in thermal cost
Total Cost: $84,300
Payback: 2.3 years
Operating lease: 3 year term
Savings: Greater than monthly payment

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